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For those of you (Filipinos) who have Twitter accounts, check your Trending Topics for today. You will find that “Major Major” and “Venus Raj” are two of the most popular trends. See below:



I can’t believe that some people, mostly Filipinos are making fun of what happened in the Ms. Universe Pageant yesterday. I actually saw some tweets that jokes about this. I know, I know, they are entitled to their own opinion, in fact, everybody is entitled to his/her own. But it’s just sad to see fellow Filipinos lambasting Venus Raj online specially if they don’t have anything good to say.

The other day, hostage taking, Quirino Grandstand, and Mendoza were so popular not only in Twitter but around the world, online and offline. Two days in a row, that our country were being ridiculed. Are you happy with the turnout?

Yesterday, on TV Patrol, even Karen Davila joked about the word “Major Major”. I mean, how could people be so insensitive! I’m sure Venus Raj by now has been hearing the jokes thrown at her. I was disappointed too, but thinking of the pressure that she had gone through, I can’t blame her for losing the Title.

She did her best and if her best wasn’t good enough for us, why don’t these people just keep their mouths shut and just be happy that at least she grabbed the 4th place. I know people were disappointed because the crown was just within reach. But let’s face it, she lost and there is nothing we can do about it.

How about you, what’s your take on this?

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