Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2010

This post is long overdue. I should have posted it weeks ago but due to the ruling that a blog should be at least 3 months old when you submit an entry , I held back and waited until I have completed the necessary requirement/s. If you’re an avid reader of my blog, you may be aware that I migrated to WordPress sometime in April 2010. If you haven’t read it yet, you can find it HERE.

Janette Toral of created a writing project running on it’s 4th year now searching for “new and emerging blogs” which are making waves in the blogosphere. The blogs must have a great influence and impact to the readers. Anybody can join as this is open to all bloggers, whether local or international.

Here are some of the requirements:

  • Blogger’s profile and email address is easily accessible online
  • One entry per blogger
  • Blogs must be at least 3 months old at the time you submit your entry
  • You must write a post naming your Top 10 Nominees with corresponding explanation on why you chose them
  • Blog Archives must be visible and accessible

The submission of entries will end on August 31,2010. There’s still plenty of time for you to submit. Though it would be best to do it as soon as possible so that the blogs you will nominate will have more votes.

On the 2nd week of September, the Top 10 Blogs will be announced. Plus 10 more winners from the writing project (those who submitted entries) will win $100 each. Also, the best written entry of all will be picked and wins $100! Lots of money at stake here people, so, I suggest you start writing now..

If you don’t get to be nominated, be included in the overall Top 10 Blogs or get the chance to bag one of the $100 cash, well, don’t fret. Just by submitting your entries you reap priceless rewards as follows:

  • link love
  • you get to meet other bloggers ( be it online or offline when you join the eyeball)
  • traffic from other participants
  • you promote blogs which deserves to be noticed and become popular. Who knows, you might get your chance to be noticed too.

Of course, let’s not forget the sponsors who made this project possible.

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If you are interested to join and want to know more about the project, please visit “ The Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2010 Writing Project “.

Okay, let’s move on now to my Top 10. The list will not be numbered so as not to confuse readers into thinking thatΒ  the first spot is my number one choice and so on. It’s pointless for me to even mention them in order because winners will be picked on how many votes they got in the end of this writing project. So, I will add the blogs as I finish checking each one.


Here are my Top 10 Influential Blogs ( in no particular order )


Make Money Online and everything beyond

I have seen others who voted their own blogs because they feel that they have somehow, in one way or another influenced other bloggers. I too feel and believe that, in the span of my 3 months here in WordPress, I have connected with my readers and changed their perception in blogging, for the better. Therefor, I am officially voting my site.

I started blogging about a year ago. When I got my own domain just this January, then, I took blogging on a more serious level. I created this very same blog under a different platform but got flagged so I decided to migrate to WordPress this April. This blog has gone through many evolution. From being just a money making blog, it has evolved into a deeper level of blogging. The contents (tips) posted here have somehow helped other newbie bloggers and also those “not so newbie” ones in their journey in blogging. I believe that the tips I shared have opened new doors for them to continuously improve their blogs.

I have made many connections, most of them became my “online friends”. In my short presence in the blogosphere, I have somehow made an imprint of who I am and what my blog is all about. If you think I deserve a chance to influence more people, please do vote for me too.


Make Money Online with BlankPixels

I have been a frequent visitor of this blog because it’s of the same niche as mine. Mhel aka BlankPixels, with her tutorials and reviews of different money making opportunities already helped a lot of newbie bloggers. She went an extra mile and created lots of highly informative articles which I myself, found so useful. I also admire her for being straightforward in posting whatever topic comes to mind. She makes sure that her contents would be an answer to the queries she gets on her blog.


If you feel down and lonely or you’re in the brink of insanity or getting fed up with the world, just head on and visit I assure you (if you are Pinoy) that this site will lift your spirit up and guaranteed to make you smile or even laugh your hearts out at the infectious humor that is being spread by the blog owner, Jonas Roque. Note also that he may be a lot crazier than you. Using creativity and wild imagination, turning popular stories, gossips and whatnots into humor. Well, you have to be one crazy person to be able to come up with such one man show.

Mommy Rubz

Mommy Rubz

This is a blog of one very strong and dedicated woman I know, Mommy Rubz. I may only know her online, but I have read about her journey in life and how she values and loves her family. On this particular blog (she has oh so many blogs), she talks about her family most especially her kids, health, blogging to make money and anything under the sun. The trials and sentiments in her life serves as an inspiration to other mothers like me. Each passing day, I see her struggle in agony seeing her little daughter Bella, suffer from Hernia and yet, she stands firm because she knows that her baby needs her the most.

Her blogs (and life) continuously touches other people’s lives. I believe that she deserves a spot too in the top 10 because if the only criteria is being influential, then this blog certainly emerges to be one for me.

Fat Girl No More

Fat Girl No More

I have been guilty of being “obese” lately, as my Diabetes doctor rudely called me. My height is 5’5 therefor my weight should only be 125 lbs but I am 25 lbs overweight.

I have read the journals of the blog owner, Ria, and her struggle to lose the unwanted pounds and fight her “demon once and for all”. I envy her actually, because she has the courage to face the battle and win it over, eventually.

NomNom Club

NomNom Club

I love visiting this blog because it features different food strips and joints that my family would love to hang out in the future. Gives the readers feedback on different establishments and what they have to offer.

Mommies For A Cause

Mommies For A Cause

The banner above says it all. I am really proud of Mommy Rubz, the mommy behind this blog, for creating this community blog. As a mom to a special child, I feel for the kids featured here. If more people/bloggers would be made aware of it’s existence, I believe more help will come to aid the parents in any which way we can. Be it financially, by spreading the word or just lending your ears and eyes to those kids in need. Every kid needs a chance to live a happy and healthy life. Let’s not shut our eyes and ears and become a part of this helping community.

Kusina Maria

Kusina Maria

I have always wanted to be a chef but this has taken a backseat too though I’m still hoping to be one someday . Looking at the photos on this blog by Maria, I keep forgetting that I need to lose weight! As I let myself drool over at those tempting desserts, I can’t help but grab a bite of any sweets within reach, lol..


The Creative Dork

The comic strip portion of the blog makes me smile from ear to ear. The blog owner, Robbie, is one very talented illustrator!

The Thirsty Blogger

The Thirsty Blogger

I love to drink, period. This blog created by Fitz, features drinks and beverages that I have already tried and would want to try. I also like reading his articles “beyond drinking” most of all health trivia. The tips he shares are a must read!

Finally, it’s done! I had a really hard time choosing my picks because there are a lot of other blogs out there that are influential in their own little ways.

If you haven’t chosen your final 10 yet, please don’t forget to browse my site and if you feel that I deserve it, please vote for me.

25 thoughts on “Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2010”

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    Thank you very much!

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  2. @EihdraG thank you for the comforting message. sad to say that wala ako sa tabi ng aking mother in law right now. kasi I am in Saudi. What Hurt me most is I can’t comfort my wife physically. Yes we may not know each other but the sympathy and prayers of your will bind our friendship. Gb!

    1. It’s really hard loosing someone you love, no amount of words can comfort those who were left behind. I’m glad to be one of your friends though we met online in a difficult situation for your family.. My condolences again to your family..

    1. Hi.. Yes you can definitely vote your own blog.. But do hurry coz the deadline is on August 31st.. Pls browse this site too and consider voting for me too,lol.. Thanks πŸ™‚

  3. Nakiki-plug lang po….

    Kilala mo ba sila ELY, MARKUS, LEMON, at BUDDY? Nagkaroon ba kayo ng KARAOKE MACHINE at nakakanta gamit ang MINUS ONE o MULTIPLEX CASSETTE TAPES? Nag-alaga ka rin ba ng mga mababangong KISSES at umasang manganganak ang mga ito? Alam mo ba ang universal cheat code na UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, B, A, B, A, SELECT, START?

    Balik-balikan ang saya ng DEKADA NOBENTA….Pindot na Dito!!

    Sana ay makabisita ka at ma-check mo kung pasado ba ang blog ko sa criteria mo para sa TOP 10 EMERGING INFLUENTIAL BLOGS FOR 2010!!

    Lahat ng tao ay may jologs side!! Rakenrol \m/

  4. HI There,

    It’s fine. C”,)

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  5. Hi There,

    I include your link in my Top 10 choice. Here:

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    1. Hi there.. Thanks so much for nominating my blog. I have already completed my top 10, sad that I didn’t see your blog sooner..Will link you up later..By the way, sorry for the late approval of your comment, it was on my spam box.. πŸ™‚

  6. Awww. Thanks, sis! I’m actually looking for blogs to nominate that are from different niches. Glad you’re now on your 3rd month.

    From the looks of it, I know I won’t make it to the Top 10. But, let’s both wish each other luck that we may be chosen for the entrants who’ll win $100 each. πŸ™‚

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