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Blog visitors are those who landed on your site from wherever they came from. Be it from search engine, another blogger’s shoutbox, just Adgitizing or EC dropping, from blogs where you left comments or from posts pulled by the Social Networking sites you’re a member of. They are somehow attracted to your site, sticking around for a few seconds or even a few minutes,browse here and there and goes off  to another blog. Lucky you,  if they click on your Google ads or one of your affiliate ads to move on to the next site. These people don’t usually stay long and if your contents or even the whole site doesn’t interest them, they might not come again to visit in the next few months, heck even never!

Blog Readers are visitors too. But the difference is, they keep coming back for more. They add you to their blogroll or even subscribe to your feeds to be updated. They see something worth reading and participate by posting their views or comments. Not only that, they subscribe to your comment feeds too, just to see what you have to say in response.

So, the question now is – How Do You Make Them Stay,  Become A Reader and Come Visit Again?

Here are a few things which you can do:

  • Start a conversation. Of course you need to create a very interesting post to stir the minds of your visitors. Why not ask some questions? Be creative and ask something that isn’t answerable by just Yes or No? Tell them you need another blogger’s point of view or feedback. Whether positive or negative, all comments are welcome, spam comments not included of course. Let them feel that you’re ready to listen, but not always necessarily in agreement. Make it some sort of a discussion but not to debate heavily on the issues. Remember, you need participation from your visitors and you started the questions. Don’t drive them away by being overly sarcastic or disagreeing too much. Be always polite and with respect. Win them over and you might gain another reader.
  • Reply to every comment. If your visitors took the time to post a comment, make sure to spend some time to respond. I know there are people who simply say, “Nice post” or “Thanks for the info” or even comments which are out of this world and not even closely related to the topic. Let’s not forget spammers who only want to post their links. Well, at least they commented, lol.. Just be polite and respond with something short too.. They made the effort,then show them some love by replying (don’t forget to take out the love from commentluv or add a nofollow tag). If it’s all links, well, they know it’s going directly to your spam box (if you have one).

The idea here is to show them you care enough to read what they have to say, digest it and respond    appropriately. If you think it’s going to be a long discussion, then, it’s up to you to twist it into a healthy exchange of views.

  • Practice the “You Comment, I Follow” attitude. This happens in most cases on DoFollow blogs, but if your blog is a NoFollow, it doesn’t mean that you can’t return the favor. Well, if you want more readers and followers, you should probably make the effort also. The decent thing to do is follow them back. Browse their blogs and if you see something worth commenting, then by all means spare some time and post a comment. If it doesn’t interest you, be a darling and choose any content which you think you’d be capable of giving even just a single comment. Who knows, it’s a start of a fruitful relationship between two readers. Sooner or later there would be something which you can participate more willingly.

Turning your visitors into readers isn’t that hard to do. All you need is to exert some effort to create worthy to read articles, actively participate by responding to their comments and give them a visit too and share your ideas via commenting.

These are just a few points, maybe you have something to add to these tips, why not share it with us… Let’s learn from one another. Feel free to post your ideas below..

14 thoughts on “Turn Your Blog Visitors into Readers”

  • Its not just content anymore that keeps your traffic stuck to your pages. This phenomenon has transformed from what it used to be initially. And yes, interacting with your users is one more important aspect of what can be used to patronise your traffic.

  • Hi,

    Turning blog readers into visitors is certainly a very good idea. We should grab the attention of the readers and make them frequent visitors. I think its the minimum responsibility to reply back to the comments as you said.. Glad to read this Wonderful post!


    • I have been guilty at times of not replying for many days simply because I can’t catch up with most of my online works. But, I see to it that as soon as I have free time, replying is what I do first. Thanks 🙂

  • Hey Eihdra(I hope it is right to write your name)

    Great tips about converting visitors into readers, but to my own experience, people seem to be “like to use people”.

    What i mean is, from another blog which is about free wordpress tutorials, my visitors tend to use me, i mean, they ask for helps, which it really does not matter, but it does not end..they ask this and then again and again, which really annoys me, i don’t mind to help once or twice but not all the time..

    That was my opinion, thanks for sharing the thought!

    • Hi Kimi! I don’t wanna think that I’ll get tired of teaching my visitors someday of whatever I can contribute. Gives me joy in helping other people to the best I can.. Thanks 🙂

  • And the 1st thing and the most important thing to do is CAPTURE their attention, write intelligent – interesting and ‘work’ for the readers (offer them what they need), they will be very grateful to you and they will come back more often. Great article with great tips included, looking forward to applying them.

    Have a great day,


  • I like your tip about starting a conversation by staying involved with your comments. I’m still working on implementing a commenting section on my blog due to some technical constraints. I’ve been thinking a lot about the benefits of being able to interact with my readers lately.

  • the badge is ok now, kinuha q nlng yung badge image then nilink q nlng with your site ^_~ ayaw kasi gumana nung code na nasa xlink mo… pero ok n xa now… ^_^

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