Adgitize August 2010 Payment

So thrilled to receive my very first payment from Adgitize. I have been a member for sometime now but only got involved in earning points just last July.

Here’s my payment proof below:

Adgitize Payment

The first time I placed an ad with Adgitize was July this year. I didn’t pay anything because I had a coupon from the contest I won back in May. I only earned $5++ in July so I didn’t reach the minimum payout of $10 (for PayPal cashouts). Had I known about the Extended Summer Promo for advertisers, I would have clicked to earn the necessary points for the day. A mistake I vowed never to commit again! Well, that’s because I didn’t browse the whole Adgitize site and didn’t even care to read the admin’s posts! Well anyway, lessons learned, lol.

Last August, when my “free ad” expired, I placed another ad for my new blog and paid $14. So, now that I got paid $19.10 less the $5 that I earned last July, I got back the $14 that I paid in August. What I’m trying to say here is that, though you pay for the ad, you also get it back, which means, you’re advertising for FREE..

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Do you have a blog? Is your blog earning? You’re missing a lot if you still haven’t joined the band wagon. Well, why don’t you head on to Adgitize and be a publisher. Better yet, try advertising for only $14 a month and experience the big change in your traffic and the big drop in your Alexa rankings.

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