Curtains or Blinds?

I’m thinking of replacing the curtains in all 4 rooms and for the rest of the windows around the house. The curtain in the main living room will stay because it’s specially made to match the “nature theme” and I paid a lot for that so it wouldn’t be good to just keep it in the closet.

My dilemma now is, should I buy another set of curtains or opt to use blinds instead?


Curtains, with all the vibrant colors and patterns, would be a lovely decoration in a dull window. But would cost a lot, if I’m to pursue the idea of having this fashionable and elegant style that I have in mind. Also, it needs to be washed once every month. It can’t be washed in a regular washing machine, so I have to bring it to the cleaners. And that would cost a lot too….Hmmm…


Blinds would be great too! I think I once saw this multi-colored blinds in a friend’s house and it looked awesome! Those will be great in our rooms and would bring life to the dull color of the walls. For the windows in the receiving area, kitchen and on the second floor, I think it would be best to go for a color that matches the wooden furniture around the house. So, I need to find cheap wooden venetian blinds.

I think, I’d go for the blinds. I just need to check on the different wooden color. It would be easier to clean it too. The walls are white, so a much darker wood color would be best. But not too dark because I still want the sunlight to brighten the house and to save in electricity too.

How about you? Would you choose curtains or blinds? Did it match the colors of your room and other areas of your house?

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