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Some of you may have seen me posting links and liking pages on Facebook a few days ago. Those were stages of the tests/exams I did for a client. Luckily, I made it,lol..

After passing all the grueling tests, I was given my first task of researching some keywords in Facebook, then you need to post the exact details of the client in the pages. Believe me, it ain’t that easy and really time consuming. You need to follow to the letter, one mistake and all the hard work goes down the drain.

There’s no quota for this task, so I only did a few posts. 1 post is equal to $.50 and I submitted 8, so that’s $4. The reason why I only posted a few links, is because I wanna know if this is legit or not. I don’t even know if they will pay me instantly or I have to wait days before I get the payment.

I submitted my links last September 17th. They have to check if all links are valid. The next day, I received an email that all links are fine and they already sent me the money. When I checked my account, indeed, the money is there already! So, they are legit!

Here’s my payment proof below:

Facebook Payment

I would have done a lot of posts and got paid a bigger amount, but, opted to check them out first. I don’t want to waste more time if I won’t receive any payment. If you will look at the payment, I should have received $4, but I need to pay taxes and transaction fees. You might be wondering why other info where highlighted, those are the client’s and my personal info such as real name and address.

I’m so happy that I was approved. This was just a “test task” with payment. Hoping for more work from them soon!

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