Looking for Custom Made Rugs

Our receiving area needs a rug. Though the flooring is made of marmol, a rug would give a different accent, don’t you think? It would be nice for the kids too, who usually watch television there because that portion of the house is much cooler and the light from outside illuminates that area.

I don’t want to buy rugs which are commonly seen in the malls, so I browsed the net, hoping to find a site that would be willing to make me a custom rug. After an hour of searching, I did find one that would make me happy and satisfied.

RugCouture specializes in made to order luxury rugs for more than 10 years now. They have an online service wherein you can create and customize your desired rug. It’s so easy to make one because there’s a step by step guide. You can go for animal prints, abstract, traditional or even just the plain style. After that you can choose your rug design (they have hundreds) and colors (1000 colors). When you’re done, you need to input the size, the quality, whether it’s tufted or knotted. Right then and there, you will know how much it would cost you. If you want to try another style, you can save it as your “wishlist” and choose later which ever you think is better.

All rugs from RugCouture are handmade and they have master craftsmen to do exactly what you want.  Since, it’s hand made, do give them at least 6 weeks to finish your product. They also offer a Free Delivery Worldwide when you reach a certain amount.

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