Make Money with SprintWealth Philippines

I recently joined SprintWealth Philippines. It’s an online program where in you can generate commissions in just a short time. You get to earn weekly with or without downlines. They pay the commissions through AlertPay.

Here’s how it works:

  • Join by paying through AlertPay, a one time investment of $29 for a lifetime membership with this program
  • you get e-books which you can also sell online (Resell rights)  and get 100% commission
  • you also earn weekly through profit sharing ( everybody earns)
  • you can buy multiple accounts in the forced matrix system to maximize your earnings
  • you need to be a member of to be able to give 1000 Sulit Currencies as your share in the promotion of the team’s advertisement/s, but is not a requirement to be able to cycle and receive payment

How To Join the Team:

  • You must have an AlertPay account, if none, you may signup for FREE by clicking HERE
  • Click to sign up the Registration Form
  • You need to use a GMAIL email address when signing up to SprintWealth Philippines
  • Go to your AlertPay account and pay the $29 one time investment fee
  • wait for your account ID in your email

That’s it! I joined last September 8th and got paid last September 13th. I only have one account and registered on a Thursday. Payouts are released every Mondays. See my payment proof below:


To know more about this program and browse other proof of payments from other members, just click and visit the team banner below.


We also have a blog where you can read what’s happening and to be updated. Just go to .

Come and join us! Be a part of the SprintWealth Philippines team and earn weekly in your AlertPay Account.

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