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I decided to withdraw my latest earnings from Neobux yesterday. I have come to a decision that whenever I reach the minimum payout from any Paid To Click sites that I’m a member of, I’d do just that. Not that I’m saying that NeoBux is turning to be a scam, well, it’s not. Actually, it’s the no.1 PTC and I could say the only Bux site that’s been online for more than 2 years now.

To prove that Neobux is legit, here’s my recent payment proof:


I don’t get tired of clicking the ads on this site. Why? Simply because, they pay instantly. Also, rented referrals are active clickers. I hope before the year ends, I could get the “Golden” upgrade.

If you are not yet a member , visit Neobux and sign up for a FREE membership. Just click the banner below.

8 thoughts on “Neobux Payment”

  • That’s what I do, too, in all my PTC sites kaya you’d see $1.00+ payment proofs on my blog. LOLz. For Neobux, I wait ’til it’s $30 because the fee for withdrawal is too expensive. Hehehe.

    Anyway, regarding the rented referrals, the minimum for standards is 4 ads per day or you won’t receive all your commission from your refs the next day. But, if you were able to click at least 1 ad, you’d still get commission, but, only a part of it. Same with Golden. We have to complete the 9 ads to receive all the commission.

    • Onga eh.. Sayang din all the work we’ve done if they become scam lang eventually.. It’s ok even if it’s not that big as long as they’re paying, I think that’s what matters 🙂

  • I have a member of this site but don’t have too much members under me because they were removed when I got inactive. But now, I am clicking ads but I was not able to get back what I paid for rented referrals, super tamad mag click ng napunta sa akin. 🙁

    • Mommy, it’s either your direct refs weren’t that active or your rented refs already completed their 30 days. You won’t get back your investment if you don’t click. That’s because, though your refs clicked, that didn’t add up to your main balance coz you didn’t click your own ads. In order for you to earn their clicks, you have to click too.
      You can have them recycled, mommy, but that would cost you some more money.
      I always retain/renew those active clickers that’s why I have active refs..

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