Second VA Job Payment

Been very busy this past few days because I was working on a new project for the same employer that paid me for the Facebook Researcher job. After slaving *lol* nonstop for 2 days, submitted my work and got paid instantly. Here’s the payment proof:

VA Payment

The job was to link the client’s info in 100 Directories, submit an article to 50 Article Directories, and create 40 Social Bookmarking accounts. I thought it was just an easy job, but it wasn’t, that’s why I spent 2 days just to finish this. Funny how this job can literally complicate my other online tasks, but I’m happy.

Things are getting better in terms of online opportunities, hope more jobs to come.

NOTE: Some areas are highlighted because those are my private info (Name,Address,Tax ID# etc) and of the employer.

The payment is supposed to be Php900 but less 2% BIR Tax and Paypal Transaction fees.

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