Simply The Best Birthday Gift Contest

A woman by any means, wants to celebrate her birthday. Be it a lavish or just a simple celebration, depends on the lady who’s birthday is coming up.

Noel of XLEON Tips decided to have a contest to gather some ideas from fellow bloggers on how (and what) he can give his 33 year old wifey as a ” Simple BUT the Best Birthday Gift” ever.

Since there are a few reasons why he can’t give a grand party or a lavish gift for his wife (read full details HERE), here are some ideas that I could share:

  • Get your wife and kid out of the house, so it will be a surprise when she gets home. Also, this way you can do things without your wife constantly peeking and trying to guess what you’re up to.
  • Romantic dinner at home. Romantic meaning, you cook some of her fave dishes, those that you don’t usually eat. Bake a cake as one of your special gifts to her. If you can’t cook, well, go and grab a recipe book somewhere or you may download from the net. Just follow the instructions and cook with love and your wife in mind. If you really doubt that your wife will like the food, then ask someone else to help you, someone who knows how to cook,lol. But you must be the one to cook, the help is just there to oversee if it looks and tastes great,lol..

Try to decorate the dining area with some flowers that she likes. Add some background with her fave colors. Better if you can place a small banner with your wife’s photo and some declaration of your undying love.. Sounds corny for some, but this will melt your wife’s heart!

Prepare the table yourself. Make it look like you’re in a posh resto by putting plates that you have never used before ,if you have it, if none, just try to make it look better than what she is used to see everyday. Here’s a sample photos of how you will do it.


Place some candles on the table also to make it kinda a “dinner by candle light” style. Check if the candles are enough to have a decent dinner by turning the lights off. Add more as needed.  Don’t ever forget to play her fave songs. Women can’t resist this!

PhotobucketPhoto: eHow

Finally, make your own greeting card. Be creative but don’t overdo it. Tell her things that you haven’t told her before. Things which expresses what you feel and of your love for her. Make it funny, make it sentimental, just do it with love. Also, a handwritten card would be more romantic.


The main idea here is to give your wife something that she can treasure always. It’s hard nowadays to find a man who could do such things, and if you can do it all, I salute you, Noel!

Happy Birthday to your wife. I hope whatever it is that you decide to do or make, that she’ll be the happiest woman on her special day.

Here’s How To Join: (Pls. include my name, Eihdra, as your referral for this contest)

* Blog about this contest along with your answer. Your answer should be the first thing to see in the entry and then the details of this contest.
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Contest runs until September 30,2010. Winners will be drawn randomly. If you wish to join, visit Xleon Tips and don’t forget to include my name as your referral..

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