Stay at Home Blessings

Stay at Home Blessings is a blog owned by Chin Chin, a stay at home mom with 5 lovely kids and a loving husband. This blog is about her journey as a mom, wife and being a Christian.


I like this site because it also tackle topics about parenting, raising kids, health, her blogging experiences and her battle to lose the weight she gained during her last pregnancy.

On this blog, she reveals tips on how she teaches her kids about money, proper nutrition, how to read and write and many other posts that other moms like me would surely enjoy reading.

Her kids are home schooled. Chin Chin also shares her experiences and thoughts on being a stay at home teacher-mom.

I salute this mom for having the courage, strength and determination to take on the heavy responsibility of teaching her kids at home and continuously seeking  knowledge on how to keep them interested.

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