Sulitizen Blog Writing Contest

This post is in support of blankPixel’s entry to’s Blog Writing Contest. This blog is joining too, as Mhel’s Viral Poster, hoping to win the last weekly raffle prize – Sony Cybershot!


Now, don’t get excited. I actually don’t know what model or color it would be.. I just grabbed a photo,lol..

If you want to be a Viral Poster for Mhel, click the link below.

Please vote for:
Sulitizen : The Epitome of Frugality

by blankPixels of Just Another Pixel

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2 thoughts on “Sulitizen Blog Writing Contest”

  • Hahaha. Natawa ako. I didn’t think of putting a disclaimer that the Sony Cybershot model in the photo I used isn’t the actual prize. LOLz.

    Thank you sis! And, yes, all the entries submitted from the first week are included in succeeding raffles. Walang nanalo satin last week. Hopefully, this week, one of us again will win. Kasi, those who viral posted for me are actual bloggers who have REAL posts on their blogs. Sana, they would count that. LOLz.

    Sis, support me rin if I get included in the finals ha? Vote lang yun, then, voters can get a chance to win a Nokia C3. But, you must have a Sulit account.

    (Ang daldal ko. Just woke up eh. LOLz)

    • i’m a member of Sulit tagal na.. of course naman I’ll support you in the finals 🙂

      Hehehe.. eh kasi andami different models eh, tapos di naman specified sa Sulit. Sana me manalo nga satin, though i’d be happier if ako,hehehe..Thanks 🙂

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