Wooden Furniture At Home

Most of the furniture in our house is made of wood. The benches, chairs, tables, sofa, entertainment racks, and book shelves, all wood! I like wood everywhere! It brings you closer to Mother Nature.

The only thing missing are wooden lampshades. As usual, I researched online for some rustic or antique looking lamps. Been through oh so many sites and finally found one that suits my taste.

Scenic Furniture sells a wide variety of  rustic and western styled wooden furniture.  As soon as I landed on their site, I saw this beautiful bed and hurriedly clicked to view some more. A double deck bed caught my eye and  I knew that the kids will love it! We badly need a double deck because the kids are growing way too fast.

ScenicFurniturePhoto: ScenicFurniture.com

This bed looks so stable and strong enough for my 11 year old who will be sleeping on top. The ladder looks safe too.

Next, I browsed for the lamps. It’s an additional decor that  would be placed in our main living room. Though we already have a chandelier there, lamps are a great accent on each side of  the sofa.

So here are my choices:

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Photos : ScenicFurniture.com

I like the first one because the body is made of wood, so it would be a compliment to the wooden sofa. Plus the shade is adorned with hand painted cedar leaves, perfect for my “nature trip”.

There are other lamp shades on the site but the designs would not be compatible to the existing motif of the living room. Perhaps, the third photo is perfect in the master bedroom *wink*.

Did you like my choices?  What would you suggest?

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