Blogger Business Cards

If you’re a blogger who often attends special gatherings or blogger events, you should always bring your “business cards”. Hand it out to those people you meet and get to talk to, so they won’t forget to check out your blogs.

If you have a business, you could save a ton if you yourself would make your own business cards. We used to have a boutique in 2005 and to lessen the overhead expenses, I made our own cards. At least, the colored inks are cheaper than paying for someone to make it for you. I didn’t know much about making one so this was the best that I was able to come up with at that time,lol..


If you don’t have one yet, you could search the web for some free personal training business cards, save it to your computer and print it. Don’t forget to put your name (the one you use online) and the name of your blogs and it’s corresponding URLs or your other offline businesses. Make it simple but make it standout. This way, they’ll be curious and would want to visit as soon as they get their hands on a computer. It’s your “online signature”, so don’t mess it up.

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