Blogsvertise Payment (15USD)

My second Payment from Blogsvertise for just one article. God is really showering me with so many blessings these days because He knows I need moohlah,lol.. Thank you, Lord!

Anyway, here’s my payment proof:


Some bloggers told me that nowadays they rarely get any opportunities at Blogsvertise. I guess, it’s true because it’s been a month now and I still don’t have a new opp. This is the highest payment I got (so far) for one single post. I hope I’d get more next month.

Thank you, Blogsvertise!

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11 thoughts on “Blogsvertise Payment (15USD)”

  1. BV relies on PR. the higher the Ranking the more opps you will receive, I suggest to always log-in to catch a task bag. It so nice to work w/ BV, I already done 54 opps from them since I joined last yeat, the highest payment I got was $25 for a single article.

    1. I don’t know exactly why opps are seldom at Blogsvertise. Other bloggers said that too. I just hope that advertisers give us more opportunities. Thanks 🙂

  2. It’s not only Blogsvertise but also Payperpost. I used to get 3 to 5 tasks in a week from Payperpost that pays $12 to $25 each….but now since July, I don’t even have a single one.

    1. Yeah, I have seen those types of posts that pays bigger than the others. But so far, I haven’t gotten one with that amount,lol.. I do hope in the near future..Thanks 🙂

  3. yeah I agree, medyo matagal ang opportunities pero a single article is worth 9USD. They gave me 2 articles worth 9USD and 8USD sana mabayaran na ako.. hehe

    wow parehas pala tayo ng article na pinagawa..

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