First Paypal Withdrawal

I recently withdrew some of my earnings in Paypal and transferred it to my Union Bank account. This is my very first withdrawal and I was nervous! *LOL* These earnings came from all the Paid to Click sites I have joined in the past year, some from the paid to post sites which paid me in the last few months and a bit from the recent projects as a Virtual Assistant. I didn’t get it all coz I need to save it for Christmas.

I opened my Eon Cyber account last May 2008 and haven’t used it for any transaction. So what happened, it was deactivated or something, they said for being dormant for more than 2 years,lol. Good thing I inquired about my account first before I had Paypal transferred it to the primary bank account I had on file, which is the Eon Card.

UnionBank Payment

Luckily, I have a savings account with Union bank and transferred the money there. As you can see, it’s a withdrawal slip because I have to get the money over the counter. Pardon the thumbnail if it’s a bit hazy, this is the closest shot possible to see the details.

Funny thing was, I forgot the pin number for my savings account ATM,lol.. I opened this account a few months ago thinking I could put some of my earnings here for my eldest son’s medical expenses. Before I transferred the earnings, the only money here is what I had deposited when I opened this account. I left some of my earnings to fulfill a promise to my son.

For those of you who doesn’t have the faintest idea that you can work and earn online, well, here’s another proof. If you want some more, you could browse the Payments Received category on my sidebar.

There are thousands of legit sites that offer home based jobs, you just have to be patient. Blessings will come your way unexpectedly.

Thank you Lord for all the blessings that you are sending my way!

16 thoughts on “First Paypal Withdrawal”

  • Wow. Congrats, sis Eihdra! How much were you charged for the transfer? ‘Cause I know for EON, there are no transfer fees. But, you said you transferred your Paypal funds to your Unionbank savings account.

    I wish you more Paypal withdrawals to come! 😀

    • Sis, I don’t exactly remember if it’s Php250 or Php350. What happened kc was i waited for almost an hour, eh near closing time na so I was kinda pissed coz there’s a possibility that I won’t get the money, eh I need to bring my eldest to the doctor coz of asthma. Anyway, since it was my very first transaction with my savings account, they had to verify my signatures. I had my EON and E-Wallet cards replaced cause they said PIN #s can’t be reset. So I also paid for the replacements plus over the counter transaction of Php 100 ata and P350 for the EON. So that’s why I can’t remember.Hehehe, haba pala.

  • wow! that’s a lot of money 🙂 I have an Eon card too but every time I log in online my password is incorrect so i opted to withdraw my earnings through BPI instead.

  • hi, i am a follower of your blog. I just want to ask you about my dilemma. i don’t have a credit card, is it possible for me to use or withdraw my earned payments although I don’t have a CC? What would be your best suggestions? I heard about Union Bank EON cyber account, is it fine? What are the requirements to open such account? And can you tell me more about EON?

    Your reply is greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!

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