Is Your Home Insured?

March is the Fire Month. But it’s October and yet the local news has been reporting fires happening in different parts of the country. So, I’m just wondering, is your house insured?

There are many companies offering a Total Protect Home Warranty insurance. You just have to find the right one that would cover all your assets inside the house. The plans may vary depending on how much you would like to insure the whole house. You could also choose whether to pay monthly, semi-annual or yearly.
Our house has been insured for many years now and we’re paying more or less 5000 pesos yearly including all fixtures. I guess it’s that cheap because we have only insured it for 3.6 million. But if you would like a higher insurance, you will also have to pay higher yearly payments.

You’ll never know what will happen in the future, but it isn’t bad to buy insurance for your house. At least, if something bad might happen (I pray there’s none), you could rebuild your home with the money that you’ll get from the insurance company and buy new appliances, though I can’t say the same with important documents, old pictures and memorabilia. Maybe, you should rent an external storage to house all fire hazard documents.

Did you insure your house? How much are you paying?

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