Press Release Job Payment

I received another payment from the same employer who gave me the Facebook Researcher and Form Submitter jobs. This time, it’s for a Press Release project worth Php900 or $20.69.

Here’s my payment proof:

Press Release Payment

The client gave me an article to be submitted to various Press Release sites. They gave me a list of urls but some of them returns a 404 or a paid site. So, you need to research and find other sites. Plus, you have to create dummy accounts just to be able to submit it.

Usually, they give 48 hours and you have to submit on time or earlier if possible. A few hours later, you get paid. Payments are sent via Paypal and you have the option to receive it in US Dollars (USD) or Philippine Pesos (PHP). I was not aware of this so my first and second payment was in PHP. The problem with accepting it in PHP, Paypal charges me transaction fees.  Whereas if it’s in USD, no other charges but the 2% BIR deduction.

Someone asked me before why the employer is deducting 2%  for BIR. Well, my employer is a local and they said they need to pay taxes that’s why they asked for my TIN number. Anyway, it’s only a $0.42 deduction, so I don’t mind. As long as I get paid.

If you are interested to work as a part time Virtual Assistant, create an account in Browse through their job offers and just follow instructions by the employers. Don’t fret if you don’t get a job a few days after submitting your resume. Sometimes, it takes awhile. In my case, it took a week before my employer sent me an email.

So, goodluck!

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