Top Entrecard Droppers for September

Gosh, it’s already the second week of September and it’s only now that I got to post this. Been so busy these days and my hands are so tired doing some online sideline jobs. But hey, I’m not complaining here,lol.. Love what I’m doing and I get paid on the side..

So, forgive me if in the past few days I wasn’t able to blog hop, if EC dropping and Adgitizing can be considered as blog hopping, then that’s all I’ve been doing lately,lol..

Like what I’ve done in my other blog, One Proud Momma, I would only list down the names. I promise next time, I would be showcasing your badges again. The clock is ticking and I have to get back to work asap.

Anyway, let’s get on with the Top EC droppers for September. As always, the top 10 will get some link love from me and my utmost appreciation and thanks for always visiting  and dropping your cards.

  1. Elai’s Haven
  2. It’s an Orange World
  3. Jh3riz24
  4. Elai’s Precious Angels
  5. BeThere2Day
  6. Things We Share
  7. Contests and Promos for Pinoys
  8. Vintage Fun for All!
  9. Jennyholic
  10. Georyl

Thank you also to all the advertisers! Please don’t hesitate to advertise again,lol.. Next month, I’ll be featuring the top 10 advertisers alongside the top droppers…

Thank You!

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