Won 2nd Prize!

I recently won 2nd prize in Xleon Tips’ contest for his wife. I’ve been truly blessed last September and more blessings are coming my way this month, yehey! Thank you, Lord!

The winners were drawn by Noel’s son and bless that child for picking that piece of paper that has my name on it,lol! Anyway, though I didn’t get the grand prize, at least I was right in guessing about the “cook with love and your wife in mind” thingy *wink*

So, enough with the surprises! Here are the prizes that I won:

  • $10 Paypal + 1000 EC (XLEONTIPS: Ad Space for 2 months + Blog / Site Review )
  • $5 Paypal + Ad Space for 1 month Stay at Home Blessings
  • 3000 EC + Ad Space for 1 month – Kaya mo Pinoy
  • Plus a 7 day gift card for Adgitize

This is just the second time I won in an online contest (i think) and I hope there will be more to come…

Thanks Noel and his wifey for this contest. I really had fun doing my entry because my hubby would do the same thingΒ  for me. Actually, my hubby helped me and part of it were his ideas,lol.. πŸ™‚

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