Work at Home Dad

My husband is now officially a work at home dad!

Last August 2010, my husband filed a leave of absence because he has to undergo an operation. After that he was made to rest for one month. During his vacation, he decided to start a few internet jobs, you know, paid to click and freelancing. I think he’s enjoying it, so now he decided to be a work at home dad!

I have seen a few dads who have chosen to stay at home because their wives are working and earning much more than them. I have also encountered some who works online and earning enough to pay the bills. Well, I don’t see anything wrong with that, do you?

So now that he’s not going to leave the house to go to work, I have decided to pack his office clothes. He won’t need to wear a silk tie and tie cufflinks because house clothes will do. Heck, he can even work wearing just his underwear,lol. Hey, it’s so hot in here and we don’t have a centralized aircon in the living room. His one and only black tie won’t be included in the box because it’s a designer tie besides we’re going to attend a formal dinner next month so it’s best to keep it in the closet.

Silk Ties

I don’t know what the future will bring us, now that we’re both at home. We haven’t had a fight since I don’t even remember now,lol.. There will be some adjustments to make, on both sides. But so far, I’ve asked him countless times during his one month stint in the freelance world and he thinks he’s getting the hang of it. As for me, I like it when he’s always at home. I mean, this is what he wants too. To see the kids growing up, attending to their needs, not too much pressure at work, no more traffic, less monthly expenses, and many other reasons that finally made me agree with his decision. Anyway, he could always go back to work if this doesn’t work out.

I just hope and pray that in the next few days, more opportunities will come our way so we could settle what needs to be settled,lol.

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