$59.20 Payment for Virtual Assistant Job

I received new payments for a sideline Virtual Assistant job a few days ago!

Just like last time, I was absent in Facebook and no blog posts either. Gosh, I wasn’t even able to earn anything in Adgitize! So sorry if I wasn’t able to click your ads,lol.. I’m trying whenever I can, so please bear with me friends. Christmas is near and I need lots of moolah.

Here are the payments I received:

Proof of Payment Proof of Payment

Nothing new here just the same data entry I did a few weeks ago for a local client. I wish there will be more jobs like these so our Christmas would truly be a happy one.

10 thoughts on “$59.20 Payment for Virtual Assistant Job”

  1. hi sis, just want to ask where do u usually look for va works? thanks! ( just discovered your blog and inspire to work at home din hehe)

    1. Hi Jew.. For most beginners, they look for work at Odesk and Freelancer.com.. Check them out and see if you can match a job to your skills.. Good luck!

  2. congrats again! 🙂 more money to come! lol!
    you can make a post about being a V.A, might help readers like me who doesn’t have an idea about the job 🙂

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