$61 Payment for a Sideline VA Job

I have been on a blogging break for a few days because of this project. I wasn’t able to update both of my blogs because I need to concentrate and I even turned off Facebook just to finish this, lol..

Here’s my payment proof:

Payment Proof

It was a regular sideline job that pays instantly after the company has verified my work. The job was the same one I did a few weeks ago. But this time, the Press Releases and Blogs I created was for a Software and Casino Clients. The main objective of the tasks was link building, so the urls I created must be live and visible in public.

It wasn’t an easy job because it took most of my online time and I still have a full time Virtual Assistant job that needs my undivided attention too. Funny thing was, I actually don’t know how I was able to manage juggling from one major job to another. I guess, when it comes to earning dollars, I’d do anything to get that moolah right in my Paypal account.

Thank you, God for all the blessings!

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