Down with the Flu

It’s the third day today that I’m down with the flu. Muscles aching all over, not to mention coughing doesn’t let me have a good night’s sleep. The three boys, my hubby and 2 sons can’t sleep well too because of the incessant coughing. I can’t sleep outside so I won’t disturb them but I’m too scared of the… just guess what it is coz I can’t even mention it here,lol.. They might be peeking over my shoulder right now and the mere mention would make them do crazy things,lol.. Well, it isn’t Halloween anymore but they’re around the whole year,lol..


Anyway, I think this is the second time this year that I got the flu. The last time, I was really down and out, slipping into unconsciousness because I had a high grade fever. This time, it’s the same. The first day I couldn’t keep my eyes open and when I’m up, I’d try to do some online work for a few minutes then I’m back to slumber. Good thing I got most of my online work covered in advance for a few days, well except for my blogs which I think now are a bit behind because my online life has been so toxic since I took on a full time job as well as several sideline jobs,lol…


Good thing that I have a private health insurance card so I was able to have a complete check up. I have Diabetes so even a simple cough should be checked. My doctor gave me an antibiotic already though my cough was just a few days ago. He said it’s some sort of procedure when someone has Diabetes to prevent further complications.

I’m a little on the getting well side now and I hope this continues or I’d have a lot of pending jobs and pending payments,lol. What I like about being a stay at home mom is that when I get sick, I don’t need to call the boss and file a sick leave nor do I have to get a medical certificate just to prove that I was sick. I love being at home and working at home. This way when I’m sick, I can just leave my work and slump into the nearby sofa or bed and sleep the stress and pressure away.

Don’t you love being a WAHM too?

15 thoughts on “Down with the Flu”

  1. Have you had your flu shots updated annually? It is important to you since you also have diabetes. Flu is nothing but the complications it might brought into you is the worse. Hope you’ll be fine soon.

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  2. I am so sorry to hear you are sick πŸ™ I have not gotten the flu but my daughters had the..I am afraid to say.. swine flu last year. It was horrible to see them go through it! Dr had me alternating children’s tylenol and advil to try to keep the fever down and they were still running a fever of about 102. Please take care of yourself, rest when your body let’s you sleep and drink some tea with honey and lemon. When you are up to it try some chicken noodle soup. Do not let yourself get dehydrated. I wish you a speedy recovery!!

  3. Awww… you didn’t sound sick on FB so I didn’t know. Anyway, I really hope you get well really soon. *hugs*

    And, yes, that’s one of the things I enjoy about “working” from home. I technically don’t have any online jobs like yours, but our computer shop is just right outside our home, so, I still consider it working from home. I love that we don’t have to report to anyone when we get sick. *LOL*

    Take care, sis, and I really hope you do better ASAP!

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