Getting Ready for High School Reunion

More than 20 years ago I graduated in high school. Do the math please, if you are curious on how old I am now, for I don’t want to reveal my true age in the blogosphere,lol. It’s as if you don’t know how to count and you wouldn’t be able to guess,lol.

Anyway, enough about my age. It’s been 7 months now since I attended our First Grand Alumni and oh boy it was a blast! Meeting old friends, classmates and schoolmates made me wanna go back to that stage where life was worry free and not so complicated as it is now. I guess it’s true for most of us who are in their midlife. We wanted to go back in time to relive that old feeling and correct any mistakes made by our unconscious and very young minds.


A few months back, active members of the batch got together and had several meetings. We voted for the officers and yours truly got voted for president. It’s a huge responsibility and fortunately the other officers and members are so supportive and thru this blog I commend OUR TEAM for a job well done! Without you guys I would have resigned,hahaha.

In a few days, we will have our Christmas Party/Reunion and I AM SUPER EXCITED! Lots of chatting and dancing will happen and we are crossing our fingers we “oldies” won’t trip or step on each others foot.

We encountered a lot of problems along the way but things finally fell into place just a few days ago. Last night we had the last meeting and happy to say that all things are running smoothly. So, we were able to relax and sang a few songs.

One proud Momma

To all my batch mates who happen to pass by this blog, we hope to see on Saturday!

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  • I guess that we’re around the same age, and probably graduated around the same time! With that being said I, however do not look forward to our class reunion. Never did after the 15th reunion, it just wasn’t that important anymore. Congrats on your President role, I was President of my Freshman class and that was fun. May your reign be long and successful. lol jj

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