$300 Payment for Various VA Projects

A few months ago, a long time friend from my younger days, texted me for a meet up. I agreed because the last time I saw this dear friend of mine was way back in college. We had so many things in common, so we clicked. We got separated because she got pregnant and had to leave school. Reconnected when she found me in Facebook second quarter of this year since then we never lost touch.

Anyway, my friend has her own company and want to promote it online, products, create a Business Logo Design and all. She doesn’t know where and how to start so since she knows I have already established myself online ( I laughed when she said this), she offered me the projects. She kept on asking how much though I said I’m willing to do it for free. She said “okay, I’ll be the critic and decide how much the company will pay you”. I said “okay, if you insist”…,lol.. Knowing her, we’d be fighting over the subject and might end up bad, so I just said, “I’m all yours”,lol…

Okay, so a month and half later after we started online, she paid me. I wanted to ask you to guess how much, but I gave away the answer in the title,lol..There are tasks that I can’t do so she hired someone else to do it and I turned into some sort of a “consultant”..

Here’s the payment proof below. Note that the sender’s contact info are hidden because she requested it. She still can’t get over the theft identity that happened to her when she was in the U.S. last year.

Payment Proof

The job was the same thing as what I am doing with my full time and sideline jobs. I wrote articles to promote her products – submitted it to top directories, Press Releases, some more SEO and made her a brand new blog from scratch. Taught her a few things so she can maintain her blog, so that someday, it may soar high in the blogosphere. The thing is, she doesn’t like me to promote her blog, YET.. Why? This I am allowed to tell you, she’s a perfectionist! She doesn’t like friends to see it..just yet… She wanted it filled with relevant articles and photos, so it’s her call..

I hope I’ll have some other projects like this.. Will be a big help in the earnings aspect. 2011 is just around the bend and I’m praying that it will bring me more blessings. Praying too that all WAHM will have a prosperous 2011, so that they won’t have to go off and work 8-5 in an office and let the nanny take care of the kids..

Christmas is just 5 hours away and I haven’t finished cooking the spaghetti .. Hubby already made the fruit salad.. the kids are eager to open their gifts.. and I’m still infront of my laptop..

Merry Christmas everyone!

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