3rd Paypal Withdrawal – 300USD

Last December 7th, I withdrew my 3rd PayPal transaction and transferred it to my Eon Cyber Account with Union Bank. Glad it was quick and took only 3 days so I was able to buy some gifts for my loved ones.

Proof of Payment

I still can’t believe I’m earning online and in dollars! But a little bit sad that the exchange rate was not as exciting compared to the Php43.39 rate the last time I transferred my earnings to my bank.

Anyway, this was the money I earned from the Various VA Projects I did for a friend. She was so generous and professional. You can check out my post HERE.

I pray that more online opportunities will come my way in 2011, so that I don’t have to go back to working in a real office. I am so used to working on my house clothes, heck even in my pj sometimes when deadlines are knocking on my head, that I don’t even had the time to change clothes,lol..

Thank you, Lord for continuously showering me with blessings!

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