$49.56 Payment for a VA Project

Got paid again from a sideline Virtual Assistant project for $49.56. This is for 2 Press Releases and 1 Article Submissions.

At the time this project was given to me, I actually have no idea about submissions. The Press Release task I always do for this client, so it was easy. The Article Submissions, I have to research on how to go about it.

When you’re in the Virtual Assistant world, you can’t accept a project that you hardly know or don’t even have the faintest idea on how to start or finish the task. Maybe since it’s an old client, they gave it to me still. Besides, I’ve worked and prepared the initial SEO for their sites, like backlinks etc, so I know the drill. The good thing about my employer, they feed me the details or information and I just have to figure out what to do with it and how to do it.  There are times that they give out instructions on where to put the info but the rest, you have to analyze.

Mind you, a few months ago, I don’t have any idea on what Virtual Assistants do. I researched and tried my luck. Posted my resumes in different Virtual Assistant job boards and applied here and there.

I know last month, I promised some blogger friends that I’d be posting an article about Virtual Assistants and what they do. I honestly haven’t finished it yet. It isn’t like a regular post, where I can say anything. I need to research the facts and figures. It’s easy if I’d only tell you about how I became one and what I do. But if you know me thru my serious posts here, I’m kinda a perfectionist. Besides it’s not just a daily post. I need to give you details, so I have to be careful on what I’m going to write. I assure you, the wait is worth it.

For the meantime, here’s my payment proof:

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Update: I’ve already published this post and I didn’t see the net price of $47.57. That’s what I got after the transaction fee.

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    • You may submit your resume including online projects at different Virtual Assistant Job Boards. Mine is local (Philippines).. Will be posting all about VA’s soon.. Happy New Year! 🙂

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