$89.05 Payment for Various VA Projects

December proved to be the most successful month for me when it comes to my online earnings. I can’t believe it myself because it’s simply overwhelming! Projects were sent in bulk that I had a hard time catching my breathe sometimes plus fingers got stiff from typing on my keyboard. My blogs, rarely updated and comments piled up. But it was all worth it! I’ll be posting my November and December 2010 monthly earnings next week. My first time to do that, actually..

Ok, so off with the payment proofs:

Payment ProofPayment Proof

Payment Proof

These were all from the same employer and clients. Lucky me, because the clients are active in terms of SEO for their websites. I’m glad they liked my work plus they pay instant too. I’ve done so many projects for them since September (I think..). I hope they’d send more projects my way..

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