Another Verification…

For lack of time and too many online projects, I haven’t the time to check if I have Paid Post opportunities waiting for me on the sites I am a member of..

So, to make it short, I need to place a sentence verification on this post.

You might be wondering what is the verification for.. Well, it’s for Social Spark V2, another paid to post blog site. I have been very busy for a month and a half now, doing a full time online work and some sideline jobs, that I hardly open the sites I signed up for.

Wasn’t even aware that Social Spark V1 has closed down to give way to Social Spark V2. When I checked one of my alternate email today, there were many messages already from Social Spark V2.

Of course, I got curious, so after reading the daily reports from SPV2, I logged in to my account. I was prompted to complete this verification process for 2 of my blogs. So, I hurriedly posted this. Note, that if your blogs aren’t verified, you can’t take any task from the marketplace, meaning, you won’t get any offers.

I need paid opps because it means extra earnings monthly. How else can I buy new venetian blinds for our bedrooms if I don’t have opps.

So, gotta work double time.. gotta publish this post now…

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