Virtual Assistant Job Payment – $325

I received my 2nd payment from my full time VA job last December 14th. My very first “salary” from the same client was only $300 last November. She increased it by $25 and hopefully there will be another increase in January..

Here’s my payment proof:

Proof of Payment

What I did for this period were article spinning and back linked some of my client’s sites. I wasn’t aware that she is running a lot of websites. Her’s wasn’t our typical, everyday blogs but websites for pets, marriage, debt, diets and others.

I am so pleased to say that a few weeks ago, some articles I did for her dog website, landed in Google’s first page for the intended keywords. I checked it today, it’s on the second page. Anyway, that means more money for my client!

Here’s a screen shot from Google:

Pomeranian Dog Training

Pomeranian Dog Training

Wish I could do the same for my blogs, but I will.. Now that I know how, I’d definitely spend some time to do SEO for all my blogs. Who wouldn’t want to land on Google’s first page, anyway?.. It would be great if I could earn as much as my client is earning..

This past few months have been very rewarding, in terms of earning online. I pray that more blessings will come my way this 2011. Thank you, Lord, for all the blessings you have showered me!

6 thoughts on “Virtual Assistant Job Payment – $325”

  • That is great! Is this a website you find this work from or do you go and offer your services to potential clients? It sounds rewarding knowing you got her on the first page of google 🙂 Keep up the great work and I wish you success!

    • Yes, I was really proud of myself too,lol.. and to think I don’t even have any knowledge in hard core SEO before I landed this job. A local employer got my resume at a local VA Job Board. It is indeed a great feeling. Thanks 🙂

  • WOW! That was a lot! I have been doing some proofreading as my online job (except for blogging and product review) and I am kind of fed up.

    The topic assigned for me is all about Stock Market. Deym!

    Congrats po! 😀 More money to come.

    • I like what I do and that makes it more fun to do it… Though sometimes I feel it gets too boring, because I’ve been doing the same thing for about 2 months now. BUT, thinking that I’ll get paid after a month makes it bearable.. I need to earn and so far this is the highest I’m getting apart from the various sideline opps.
      If you can’t take it anymore and you feel that it’s already compromising the quality of your work, then look for a job that will perk up your mind but still the moolah is something that is worth all your efforts.. 🙂

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