3rd Full Time VA Payment – $325

This is my 3rd month working full time as a Virtual Assistant for a US client based in California. I started last October 2010 as an article writer. Now the projects I’m doing are basically article spinning and article submissions which can be easily done in just 2 days.

A few days ago, I received my payment through Xoom unlike the previous two which were sent via Paypal. I’ll be posting a review for Xoom either here or in my newest blog Earn Dollars Pinoy!. Xoom, for those of you who aren’t aware of its existence, is another payment processor. Unlike Paypal, with Xoom, you can receive your money instantly.

Here’s my payment proof:

Virtual Assistant Payment

Notice that I posted in the title that I got paid $325 and in the screen shot it’s $317. The money is supposed to be $325 but since Xoom has a service fee of $7.99 and I badly need to get the money asap, I decided to tell my boss to just deduct the transaction fee. Normally, it’s the sender who pays the fee but since I chose this, I paid for it. Full story will be posted here or in the other blog soon.

For those of you who are into Virtual Assistant kind of jobs, there are a lot of projects waiting for you. You just have to spend time and be friends with Mr. Google and patience, you need a lot of those. Who knows, soon you’ll be able to takeΒ  aΒ  vacation in aΒ Family Holiday Parks UK and see all the wonderful sights there. Well, that’s one of my wishes..

Happy hunting!

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