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I’d like you all to meet Jerwin, 22 years old who is already a CEO of JB YouthFul Entrepreneurs Team. Say what? Yes peeps, at a very young age, this guy has already achieved what I was hoping to reach when I was at the peek of my career. So I say -he rocks!

Jerwin GatchalianPhoto: Youthful

Let me tell you a short story on how this guy started out and how he’s earning around $5K to $15K online. Interested? Then read on..

Jerwin started his business venture in 2006 and was just 18 years old. He doesn’t have any formal business knowledge but went ahead and put up his business called RAN ONLINE.

So what is RAN ONLINE?

RAN Online is a free 3D ‘campus-based’ MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role playing game). The concept is based around several schools competing for control. Developed by Min Communications of Korea, RAN Online has become one of the most played MMORPGs in Malaysia, China, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan and the Philippines. It is completely free to play and uses the virtual item asset model.

His business went up for just a year and had to close down because he wasn’t getting enough income to pay the bills. But that didn’t stop this young man to dream bigger! So, in 2008, he reopened the game, armed with more knowledge on how to make it a success.

In wanting to gain more players and of course a higher income, he also started blogging in March 2010. He knew that blogging and other online programs can bring him to the next level so he researched and found Yaro Starak, a guru in the blogosphere and the creator of Blog Mastermind.

Implementing what he learned and in joining several affiliate programs, he earned a whooping $40,000 (based on his blog) last year! I wish I could earn that much so I won’t have to worry about my children and their future.. Right now, while running his money making blog Youthful Entrepreneurs, he’s also a member of, a social networking site where you can promote your business and earn through their affiliate program as well.

So, what have you learned in this young man’s story? Me, I’m getting more convinced that I can make it big in the blogosphere someday. Well, no harm in wishing and praying for it to happen, right? If he can do it, why can’t I?

Find out more about Jerwin HERE.

This is a sponsored review of Jerwin’s blog. All opinions are 100% mine.

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