Should I Change The Theme?

I spent the whole day last Saturday looking for a good theme for this blog. For your information, I have been using the current theme for more than 6 months now. I’ve been thinking that since its a brand new year and I’m kinda getting tired of seeing the same old one day after day for many months now, I think it’s about time to dress it up with a new one.

So, I labored for a day to look for a more suitable layout and boy it was hard sifting the good, the bad and the better ones. I still haven’t found that certain look, so I’m keeping the best for last.

I found this one but decided not to use it (though I really want to!) because I would be needing prescription sun glasses while reading my posts and tinkering the theme. The oh so bright color makes my eyes and head hurt, lol.

Neon Zenverse Theme

Downloaded a lot of themes that same day and would be trying it out one by one soon. I’m still gonna look for that special theme that would fit perfectly and will bring a much brighter aura for this blog. I feel a makeover would do me good in all aspects.

Stay tuned for the more exciting changes here and I hope you’ll like it too. 🙂

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