Last Payment for Article Writing Project

I’ve worked for this particular client since October 2010 and the project ended just last January 2011. The tasks were to write articles for different niche and back linking for SEO purposes. Topics were about pets, marriage, financial services, weight loss just to name a few.

This project was my very first full time Virtual Assistant job. I really enjoyed working with the client plus I learned a lot from her. She is an internet marketer and a full time work at home mom too. Sad the project ended coz I think I would have learned a lot more SEO tricks from her if given the chance.

Here’s my last payment from this project:

Proof of Payment

I just wanna say, that I was really lucky coz my client was willing to teach/train me. I have some sort of experience writing articles coz I’m doing paid posts and my own blog posts, but she was kind and patient enough to teach me the proper way to do it.

Those SEO tricks she taught me, I can use and do for my blogs. Wishing that someday, my blogs would land in Google’s first page too. Remember my post where I said I helped my client’s pet website land on the 2nd page of Google, well, that’s coz I used what I have learned from her.

When time and schedule permits, I’d definitely work on the SEO of all my blogs. I also just recently bought a few domain names but still working on some website development.

For now or until I get myself a new full time client, I’m off to finishing some sideline projects and update all my blogs. That will keep me sane until the next project comes,lol..

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