Still Looking for a New Theme

It’s been past 9 months that I have been using the current theme and I think it’s high time to change into something new. I posted last month a certain look that I want but it’s kinda not that striking, so I didn’t pursue. Besides, if I’m going to use that particular theme, it would be really hard to look for suitable logos designs.

To date, I’m still looking up on some themes. I really like my header so it will be hard to look for a theme that would be of the same shades as my header. For those of you who have tried changing their themes often, you know how difficult and stressful this is. More so that I have a lot of things to re-arrange now unlike when I opted to use the present theme for the first time.

So, just a heads up my dear readers, please bear with me as I try to change the look from one theme to another. You might see a different one each time you visit. It will be a mess but I hope you won’t get tired of coming back to see the new changes.

I’m hoping for a great start this year and doing my very best for all of you. Do drop by again and see what new things I have for you all.

7 thoughts on “Still Looking for a New Theme”

  • Good luck finding a new theme for your blog. Though I agree with some of the points that Bingkee made, I also believe that you need to put some of your own personal touch or some of your personality on your blog’s theme. But, since this blog is meant for others’ reading, yes, go for a theme that’ll make it easier for others to read/enjoy. For your personal or lifestyle blogs, you can go crazy! 😀

  • bingkee is right in a way, blogs with lighter colors give a better impression, a more positive feel. But that doesn’t mean a dark blog can’t have success, there are a lot of example out there where dark blogs stand tall among the light ones.
    So i wouldn’t make color a priority when looking for a new theme. Functionality is more important.
    I wish you good luck and i hope to see the change soon. I’m sure it’s gonna be great anyway.

  • You don’t have to publish my comment if you don’t like it. But I am not criticizing. All i want to say is that it’s better to stick to a theme with a background that’s light or white. Most popular blogs have white backgrounds. And personally, I think it’s very easy on the eyes and makes it easier to read…not straining. Usually, I find dark backgrounds very straining to read especially if the fonts are too small. I think people and readers stay on a blog that’s simple in layout and theme, and with a white or light background.
    I am not making a critique here. This is just a suggestion and I hope you don’t get offended. Since you have been spending a long time searching for a theme. I guess it’s because you want a striking one. A strikingly-designed blog is not striking if readers stay on the page longer because they read and one factor is the color of the background, aside from the quality content.
    I am not a professional blogger or a blog expertise but what I’m saying here is based on my experience as a reader of other blogs and as a blogger mysefl.

    • Hi Bingkee! It’s okay, I welcome constructive suggestions like yours. I’m actually looking into light backgrounds for a week now. Though I love black, I agree with your comment. I’ve also read one of Alvin Phang’s articles regarding templates that probloggers use, so right now, I’m kinda leaning into that. Anyway, hope I find the most suitable one soon! Thanks sis 🙂

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