Trendy Medical Scrubs

Long gone are the days of white clothes always lurking around hospital premises, scaring kids and adults alike. Here comes the trendy and upbeat scrubs that are totally more comfortable to wear and its vibrant colors sending smiles to scared kids.

Doctors most often can be seen wearing scrubs instead of lab coats that sometimes you can’t distinguish if they are doctors or nurses. I first saw these scrub suits in Grey’s Anatomy and they all looked cool in it. Dr. Derek wearing colorful scrub hats while operating, so cool!

Nursing uniforms in our local hospitals now follows the widespread trend and I pretty much like it because it adds a kinda more professional look on them plus they could quickly move around in those loose scrubs. It’s a typical dress code now though some hospitals still wear the old white uniforms.

If you are looking for a more upbeat style, you may want to look into the wide array of scrubs on Blue Sky Scrubs. Lots of awesome choices there from scrub suits, lab coats, scrub hats and accessories.You’ll be amazed on how groovy you can get by wearing them. Share it with your friends or better yet propose to the admin this great idea, so you all can wear cool scrubs.

3 thoughts on “Trendy Medical Scrubs”

  • Hello,

    I always liked the blue scrubs for a doctor. These blue scrubs look just great, all that dressing stuff – clothes of a doctor, fashion for a doctor, it’s just great to look so business. Thanks for sharing, I will send this to all my doctor friends.

  • Blue Sky Scrubs has some cool scrubs, i never knew there’s an online store selling something like this.
    I don’t watch Grey’s Anatomy, but i’ve seen the new style in other movies, it gives a warmer feeling for the patient, like you’re talking to a person, not to a doctor.

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