Breaking Monotony with an Online Pastime

I still hold a regular job even if I am a stay-at-home mom. That job requires me to spend most of waking hours in front of my computer, logged online. With so many tasks at hand, I have to admit that the time I used to spend on my past recreations has significantly diminished. But I know that all work and no play would make me a dull woman so I tried to look for some online pastimes that I can amuse myself with especially when I need a diversion. It’s a good thing a good friend of mine suggested that I try playing Texas Hold ‘Em.

However I have never tried playing any online card games prior to it so I was like feeling along in the dark during the first few days that I played it. So there were times when I would be totally clueless as to what my odds are so I would have no idea if I need to make a call or fold instead. Fortunately, I came across a website called Calculatem. Basically the website offers practical tips and tricks on how to use the odds to my advantage. You might ask how. Well, they have a poker calculator free for me to use so I can calculate my odds of winning. It isn’t cheating because it’s not showing me which hand I should play but instead it shows me what my chances of winning are should I decide to play this hand or that – two totally different things.

The website also offers download of Online poker calculator software which is very ideal for hardcore online card gamers. The nice thing about the calculator is that it’s very easy to use. It can also adjust depending on your game style so it’s really very versatile. Everyone can benefit from it, from a newbie like me to the more experienced one. I am now more confident when I play Texas Hold ‘Em even if I’m only playing against the computer because I know that I won’t get easily pushed around unlike before. So now I have a great online pastime to break the monotony of my daily routine.

Note: In every game you play, whether it involves money or not, you should know when to say “I’m done” or “It’s enough”. In these trying times, it’s not practical to splurge money on something that you know if you get hooked, can bring you down – be it financially or you insanity is at stake. Be responsible enough to say “NO MORE”.

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