Top 10 Most Influential Professors in Higher Education

They are famous for very different reasons, but they are all influential in their own individual way. These professors are well known and have been legends in their own time.

1. Randy Pausch: He was a legacy in his own day with the inspirational messages that he embedded within his lessons. He not only influenced his own students, but those around the world. He spoke of life and of living as he died from a terrible disease. Even now after his death he is remembered and celebrated as a beacon of hope and by far the most influential and inspirational professors ever.

2. John Nash: He was well known before his movie came out, but now more than ever. He was one of the best math professors ever and his story lent way into the movie, “A Beautiful Mind”. His mind works in a way that many of ours don’t and therefore he is just unbelievable.

3. Paul Krugman: He is a professor who is passionate about what he does and he was celebrated for just that. He won the Nobel Prize for his work in the field and is considered to be one of the top experts on economics in the world. There will never be another like him and that’s why his honor was so well deserved.

4. Stephen Hawking: Considered by some to be one of the most intelligent people in the world, he has made immeasurable contributions. He changed the face of math and physics forever and has knowledge that is incomprehensible. He is an icon and therefore celebrated as such now and forever.

5. Toni Morrison: She was always amazing as a professor but her credentials just grew and grew through time. She has become a celebrated and well known author as well as a Nobel Prize winner. She has so many accomplishments that many forget that she started out and still serves as a professor.

6. Sigmund Freud: His findings and lessons were from years ago, but he still has an impact even today. There is no end to what he did to change the face of psychology as we know it today and therefore he is undeniably one of the most infamous and influential professors that ever was.

7. Madeline Albright: She was one of the first women to ever serve in a top position of government and yet she is just as well known for her work as a professor. She rightfully served as a professor of international affairs and made Georgetown what it is today with her teachings. She is well known for many things, but this is by far one of the top accomplishments for her.

8. Bill Ayers: He rose to fame during the election of President Obama but primarily due to controversy. He is loved by his students for his teachings but he is probably better known for his very extremist views. He has earned his place as an influential figure due to his celebrated educational reputation, but he will always be remembered for much more.

9. Jimmy Carter: He used his knowledge and experience to create a very celebrated career as a professor. He was somebody that all the students wished to learn from as he was so admired. He had much to teach and therefore goes down as one of the best professors of our time.

10. Al Gore: He has had many ups and downs in the political world and perhaps that’s what makes him so interesting as a professor. He had an illustrious career even before his political run and therefore finds his role as a professor to be quite rewarding.

Though they are all known for very different reasons, these are all some very influential figures. These are the professors that you wish you could learn from and many are lucky enough to do so.

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