Ayos Dito – A Cool and Easy Way to Search Classified Ads

Ever since the advent of information technology, I have found fewer reasons to read an actual newspaper. Even when I need to consult the classified ads, I just turn on my computer instead and get on the AyosDito website for help. Through the website, I was able to find some good deals on some digital cameras and since I happen to love photography, finding great and affordable deals work to my favor. It was also through AyosDito that I was also able to help a friend who was looking for an apartment for rent. They needed a place to temporarily stay while their house is undergoing some renovations.

Ayos Dito

I saw a few listings of apartments, townhouses and condominium unit for rent at prime locations. I immediately told my friend to type in the keywords “buy and sell Philippines” into her search engine and there she would find AyosDito on top of the listings. She followed my advice and found an apartment that was being leased at an affordable rate and the rest is history.

If you already own a house, you might be thinking, why consider apartments for rent? There actually are a few reasons why, one of which I stated above. You may also rent an apartment while waiting for the construction of your dream house or if you recently got married and just starting a new life together. Whatever your reasons are, AyosDito will help you find what you need.

43 thoughts on “Ayos Dito – A Cool and Easy Way to Search Classified Ads”

  1. I was actually on this site a while ago as well, and I was looking for rent-to-own houses. I do agree that whatever the reasons maybe, it’s great that we have this site to go to for us to check the best possible price for our dream items (or even job). 🙂

  2. it’s nice to know something like this; it’s also a great way to learn to earn from home while surfing their site. i want to earn an apartment too but i just don’t have the money yet.

  3. same here, i have no time to read news paper, and use to check classified adds online though i haven’t tried using ayos dito. But after hearing your story, i might consider buying stuff from them…

  4. Ohhh… I am hoping to be in need of a place to rent while waiting for the construction of my dream house. I do hope that would be soon. ^_^
    I just also recently discovered AyosDito and have found online shopping to be very convenient.

  5. When we were looking for a suitable place to set up my SIL’s small boutique, I browsed AyosDito.ph for a list of spaces being rented out. I also recommended it to a friend who was selling her car. Told her to advertise it through AyosDito.oh and guess what? She was able to sell it in less than a month after posting! 🙂

  6. feel ko, member na ako or I already signed up for AYOS DITO na, but I have forgotten my admin and password ehehe 🙂 kasi naman sa dami ng sinalihan ko like ebay and sulit.com nakakalimutan ko na ang iba eheheh pero infairness, ma bisita nga ulit yang ayos dito lalo na at nahihilig ako sa travel2x these days…

  7. ayosdito.ph is really a great help to me in terms of finding good yet affordable products and services. i bought my first car by searching in their website.

  8. AyosDito.ph is one of the most useful local sites I know. I also like the whole layout and search system of their site. No plans of renting an apartment yet, but might probably need it when we go travelling again.

  9. Never had the chance to search in their website but since you had a very good first hand experience with them, maybe I should consider buying some stuffs there too.

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