Finally Taking Down The ChatBox

I have been using a shoutbox on each of my 7 blogs for a long time now. Initially, it was fine and fun coz I can talk to my visitors in real time plus it’s another way to leave me messages of concerns, queries and the likes. I often see blogs which have their own versions of shoutboxes and I too left messages when I visit them.

But this year turned out to be different. A lot of scam messages with links to spammy sites were left on all my boxes. Some were from the same IP addresses and some using proxy servers. It was really disturbing seeing all those crazy comments and when I checked the links, they redirect to blogs promoting pills, dating sites and easy money online thingy. Wish I was able to save a screen shot so I can show you here.

Anyway, I think it’s time to remove those boxes. They don’t serve the purpose anymore. Besides, since I’m very busy with multi-tasking online work with kids and household chores, I rarely check all of the messages for the day. Pardon me but I have more important things to do rather than keep up with spammers.

I could take and allow it if those links come from toy stores sellingย RC Cars UK and educational books or maybe gadgets but definitely not from get rich quick sites that promises loads of money and dating sites.

If you look at this blog, I’ve already taken down my shoutbox. I will be removing it on my other blogs as well. No offense to the site I used, they served me well. Thank you to for allowing me to use it but I’ve just had enough. Some of the spammers knew that the links are all NoFollow and yet they posted hoping to catch someone into their baits. I just can’t have that. I don’t wanna be involved or be a way for them to spam, manipulate or trick other people.

I guess all my blogs will survive even without a chatbox. If you are really a fan or just dropping by to see if you will learn something from this blog, then do post a comment in one of my posts. But please don’t waste your time spamming thru commenting, it won’t get approved. Why not post something that is related to the topic before you drop your links? If I see that you have exerted efforts to read my blog posts, then and only then will I approve it. By the way, the comment section is DoFollow, so I suggest comments that will add value to the topics. That way, we can harmoniously converse or exchange views.

For those who are still using a chatbox or shoutbox, well, it’s your prerogative. I’m not posting this to scare you, I’m just tired of all the BS. Thanks for listening.. ๐Ÿ™‚

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