Showcase Your Brand Using Effective Marketing Tools

A trade show is an event wherein companies who belong in a specific industry can showcase and feature their products and services. It is an effective marketing tool used by companies who seek to increase sales, introduce new products, retain existing customers and create prospective clients. For new companies, a trade show provides an excellent venue to make their mark in the market.

Companies in various industries have long recognized the effectiveness of participating in trade show exhibits. With the huge number of people attending these exhibits, companies know that they are presented with the perfect opportunity to meet multiple contacts in a short period of time.

After choosing which trade shows from among the thousands being held each year they want to participate in, participants or exhibitors will have to decide how they will set up their booth. There are a number of exhibit displays to choose from like pop up displays, graphic tents, hanging displays, directors chairs, table top displays, table covers and the like.


Table covers are used to cover up ordinary tables used in trade shows, job fairs and other promotional events. They come in different sizes and colors depending on the preference of the exhibitor. Most exhibit regulations require table covers to be fire retardant that is why exhibitors should make sure that the ones that they will use will meet this requirement. Table covers that are wrinkle resistant are also available. There are designs which are open at the back which is ideal if the exhibitor plan to sit at the back or if other materials or products need to be placed there for easy access. For an added impact, exhibitors prefer to use table covers that bear their company logo and a slogan or design that will catch the attention of the visitors. This will help them stand out from among the other booths especially those that are using plain table covers.

As the name implies, a table top display is meant to be placed on top of the table. It comes in various shapes, designs and  sizes depending on the need and budget of the exhibitor. Table top displays are eye catching tools that instantly communicate to visitors that the exhibitors offer the product or service that they are looking for. They are designed to lure the visitors to stop by their exhibit booth which will, in return, create an opportunity for the exhibitor to make a sales pitch or hand out brochures or product samples.

From the various trade show displays available on the market, the exhibitors should make sure that they only use what is necessary. The effort and the money spent in participating will be worth it once the company realizes the enormous benefits they will gain from it.

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