Google PageRank Update (June 2011)

For those who are kinda and overly obsessed with Google PageRank updates, we know that there has been a long awaited update a few days ago (June 27,2011). If I remember it correctly, the last major update was 6 months ago. It was supposed to be a quarterly update, but, maybe Google had other plans thus the delay.

All of my new blogs created first quarter of this year and those which stayed PRO since last year have been awarded by +2 homepage PRs. Some of the inner pages were also ranked especially my Blogversary page where I had more than 300 comments and lots of back links. I’m crossing my fingers here because it’s just a few days, anything can happen. Though I hope, no more decreased PRs for me.

Google PageRank Update

This blog, however, lost the PR2 and is now PR1. I am to blame because I was not able to update more often. I was very busy tending to other online gigs that I have forgotten my personal blogs. At least, it’s not zero,lol. Oh, please, don’t take it away!

Eversince the release of Google’s Panda Algorithm (also known as Farmer’s Update), many website and blog owners got scared. If you think your blog is not spammy in nature and you have high quality content, then you shouldn’t be worried at all. This change in algorithm is Google’s response to the call for quality searches. Thus, article directories were/are greatly affected because of the spun articles submitted to them which almost resembles the original content on blogs or sites. Blogs who mostly contains paid postings will have their turn. In fact, there are some who have already felt the decrease in their PRs. Those blogs which are solely created for that purpose alone will suffer.

We haven’t heard the last from this Panda Update. Since the PageRank Toolbar has been globally updated, we’ll be hearing so many complains of having lost their precious rankings.

So, if you lost your PR, aren’t you gonna straighten up and do something? I know there are some people who doesn’t give a hoot about PageRanks. Then you don’t have to do anything. But for those who value their PRs and want to regain their so-called “stars”, then make a haste and research on how you can get it back!



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