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If you are a newbie in the Blogosphere, then this post may come in handy. I’m sure you’re looking for ways to earn while you spend/waste your time in Facebook or Twitter. Maybe, you’re thinking, “why not do some work and earn, anyway I’m always online”? Well, you can be productive if you want to and if you know how to.

Have you heard about “blogging to earn”? A lot of people from all over the world have diverted their online obsession to earning online mania. Why? Because they earn $$ while blogging!

It isn’t just a simple posting of your day to day life. But some, earn from their personal blogs too. What I’m saying here is, having a niche blog where all the content is basically about one subject. Let’s say you love to travel, then create a Travel blog. You’re a small time chef or a food fanatic, then make a blog about all topics which pertains to food, cooking, baking etc. I know some people who are earning big because they have a niche blog/site.

How they earn is simple but needs time and good blog statistics. But, somehow, with some advertisers, stats are not a problem. Even if your blog is new, but you have great posts, a lot of contents and followings, then they’ll like you.

Below are some ideas that you can do with your blogs in terms of monetizing it:

  • Google Adsense –  obviously this is a Google application. A blog owner can apply for an account and when approved, you get paid for displaying advertisers ads. It could be text links or images depending on what you choose to display. Note that there are a variety of ways to earn in Adsense, just don’t click your own ads or you’ll be punished or banned.

Google Adsense

  • Nuffnang – this is a blog advertising community catering to Asia Pacific sites and where targeted ads are placed on the members blogs. The same with any other ad service platforms, you get paid if someone clicks on your advertisements. There’s a computation for all this and it can be best explained to you when you check out their site because apart from clicking, you also earn thru the unique visits your blog gets in a week.


  • Direct Advertising – Have you seen those signs in some blog’s sidebar saying “Advertise Here”? Those are for direct advertising where there is no third party involved, just the blogger and the potential advertisers. Rates depend on the blog’s stats in example – Page Rank, following, monthly visitors and/or positions in the search results for a particular keyword. Again, some advertisers doesn’t care about your PR but your number of readers and unique hits.

Make Money Online

  • Infolinks – this is another form of advertising but is placed within the article or post. If you can see on this post the blue colored words with dotted lines below it, that’s Infolinks! Try hovering your mouse on a particular keyword and you will be presented with relevant ads. If you think that advertisement is related to what you are looking for and you click on that, then I’ll earn coz it’s what you call Pay Per Click advertising.


  • Adgitize– this is a blog advertising network where you can earn and increase the traffic of your blog. You earn more and fast if you advertise your blog for $14 a month. You can get your investment back in a month’s time provided you post everyday in any one of the blogs registered with your account in Adgitize and you click and surf the other advertised blogs on the network. If you don’t you can still earn by clicking the other advertisers’ blogs to gain points which will be converted to $$ by the end of the cycle month. Though this is a slow earning option. You can find out more by clicking the banner below.

Adgitize your web site.

There are many other ways to monetize your blogs and at least have some cash in your bank every month. The sites listed above are legit and I have been using them for years (Adsense) and some for almost a year now. If you are looking for proof of payments or other online opportunities, you can check out my Make Money Online category for more detailed information on other sites.

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