Google PageRank Update: Massive Decrease in Rankings

Quick Update

It’s been days now that a rumor is circulating in the SEO World that a Google PageRank Update is in the air. A lot of people posted their sentiments in the webmaster forum about massive changes and I read some from the SEO sites I’m a member of. It’s been more than 3 months since the last major update so maybe Google is cooking up something.

Google PageRank Update

After the Panda Update, many sites reported a decrease in PRs and dropped positions in search results. Those sites with low quality contents and doing massive submissions in article directories were penalized.

As of this date, all my blogs lost their PRs but it’s not just me, so I’m not worried. Heck, even ProBlogger and SEOMoz ( as per my toolbar and checker) lost their ranks. If you wanna check your PR, just go to

If I were you don’t panic and just get back to what you normally do. Let’s wait a few days hoping this will settle down. I’m praying that in the next update, my ranks increased. Yah, some of you doesn’t care about PageRanks, but for someone like me who earns thru my blogs’ PRs, this really matters to me.

Anyway, let’s hope for the best. 🙂

15 thoughts on “Google PageRank Update: Massive Decrease in Rankings”

  1. i have heard so much about the panda update lately and some of my friends sites lost their ranks too. gl to you and hope your rank will go back up soon. make sure to work on that content!

  2. This was the second panda update right? I’m still safe. My search engine position is unchanged. I’m still on the number 1 spot. My blog’s PR is still 2 and i don’t even care about my PR. I do care most in my SE position.

  3. I didnt see my sites lost its PR. Or maybe I have checked it when it was resolved. Your stats below show as 0 PR. But I checked your site at prchecker, this is a PR2 blog. So I am guessing the issue was resolved.

    1. Hi. Yep, I removed the plugin for the stats temporarily until they’ve resolved the bug or issues. My blogs regained their PRs though I don’t think I lost it. Some joked that Google mourned the death of Steve Jobs and decided to disable the PR toolbar for the meantime,lol 🙂

  4. Well bad news for Google. I think sites having low quality contents loss their ranks badly. Some corrective steps are needed in this kind of situation. I am with you and hope that this panic will over soon.

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