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Are you the kind of person that gets an adrenaline rush from watching a leaky faucet? Do you crank your house’s heat way up during the winter, but leave the windows open? Come on – you can tell me. Energy conservationists talk about green this and green that, about how a green house saves you money, but hey – not everyone likes to save money. Nope, some people enjoy living in a house that burns a hole in their pocket. They enjoy the thrill of wasting money without even realizing its happening.

Unless, of course, you’re one of the many out there looking to save money by buying an energy efficient home. You’re calm and rational, and looking for information about homes with a Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED) rating. After all, those homes are architecturally designed to optimize heating, water, and electricity systems, along with various other housing factors. One of the primary purposes of an LEED home, along with being environmentally sound, is ensuring you save as much money as possible by not wasting energy.

Evolo Condos

Take a look at the Evolo condos currently in development near Montreal. Both Evolo towers are 30 stories high, featuring condominiums that are LEED certified. But it gets even better: the whole neighborhood surrounding the towers are expected to be LEED certified. You’ll be living with people as environmentally conscious as you are. And if you take a glance at the website, after gawking at the expected waterfront views, you’ll see that the Evolo condos are about sophistication along with self-satisfaction. Being green doesn’t mean being cheap. Evolo proves class comes with being LEED certified.

Now let’s take a look at the neighborhood around the Evolo condos. According to the website, the neighborhood will feature “a cutting edge community that combines the warmth of a friendly neighborhood, the excitement of contemporary architecture and the rejuvenating presence of nature.” Take a minute to breathe and contemplate what was just stated. Rejuvenating presence of nature, that’s what it said, as in people living with nature, not destroying it like some savage tribe of lumberjacks. The design of the Evolo condos prides itself on helping the environment, and your bank account, stay healthy. For anti-environmentalists, it’s a sickening piece of paradise.

But who wants to be known as an anti-environmentalist? Who actually wants to be the one burning through cash because their house can’t stay properly heated? No one – it’s an unsatisfying experience that leaves an individual feeling drained and exhausted. Time equals money, and if you’re throwing your money away, you’re throwing your time away. Stop doing that. LEED certified homes, like the Evolo condos, combat the struggles of spending money on wasted energy. They’re the new-age solution to an ancient problem.

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