Why You Shouldn’t Monetize Your Blog Early On

One of the newest and best ways to create a stream of income online is through a monetized blog. However, the timing of this endeavour is of the essence. Many marketing experts agree that you should not monetize your blog until it has gained some measure of reputation and a sizable audience. Below are some of the reasons that they give for keeping a blog completely free until later on.

1. Content should be your sole focus until you build an audience

If you monetize your blog early on, it will invariably change your content. You will not focus on what is important, building an audience; but rather, you will focus on what you believe will cause the most clicks on ads. This will invariably cause less clicks on ads because your content will not be as inviting nor as informative.

2. Until you have become a trusted source, ads will not work

Even if you are able to avoid the fate of the blogger who writes for ads instead of an audience, it will be difficult to engender someone to click on an ad until they trust you. You may have the best information in the world, but until you are recognized as an expert, this does not mean a great deal to your potential audience.

As is the case with all advertisements, people only perform a requested action with businesses they trust. You must build up your trust as an expert within your field before anyone will click on ads at all.

3. The perception of a blog that is monetized too early is never positive

If you are brand-new blog and you have ads all over the place, you will be perceived as an opportunistic taker instead of information giver. This will doom your blog to obscurity and poverty before you ever get out of the gate.

Again, it does not matter about the quality of your information before you have changed the perception of your potential audience of yourself. You must not be seen as a fly-by-night opportunist, but rather as a solid lead for good information that can be trusted to lead people to other valuable resources.

4. You should study other blogs before you try to put up ads on your own

Invariably, blogs that place ads on their own content too early will litter the blog with these ads, creating the look of a spam website rather than a legitimate blog. This is another way to ruin your chances of building an audience before you ever even get started.

5. Most affiliate marketers will not place their best ads on new blogs

The final reason to keep ads off of your blogs until your blog has gained a little age is the fact that affiliates will not trust new blogs either. If you place ads on your blog too early, you will most likely get ads that are completely unrelated to your product. This creates an impression of spam rather than information, and will destroy your blog from the inside out.

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Jonathon is an Online Marketing Expert from Sydney, Australia. He often finds that people will try to make money from their blog before they attract regular readers. If you need assistance with online marketing, Jonathon recommends the professional at LovesData.com.

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