Benefits of Postcard Marketing

Postcard marketing is sometimes roped into junk mail. This is unfortunate but it has so much more potential. You can personalise postcards and provide a short and concise message for customers. It may not have been a form of marketing you’ve considered before but after you read this article you’ll be regretting you didn’t try it earlier.

Postcard Marketing

Short and sweet
Postcards are short and personal. It’s all about providing your most important information and details in a succinct manner to the potential customer. If it’s not a bill people are more likely to give a little more time. If you go for personalised rather than generalised people are going to appreciate the gesture rather than dispose of it like junk mail. Junk mail is identified at a glance so you need to design your post card to look like a letter not a catalogue. Most junk mail that comes in an envelope is disposed of before opened that’s why the design of the postcard is also effective. They’ll get the message before they think of disposing of it. It’s rare for businesses to send something out to their customers that is personalised.

Value for money
It’s cheaper than you think. They are cost effective and easy. They are less expensive to send than letters. The prices can range from quite low to high; it’ll depend on the amount. Most printing services will mail the postcards to, saving your time and therefore money.

The best thing about postcards is you can use them to compliment your other forms of advertising. They shouldn’t be your only platform. You can also use them to cycle your marketing online interactions and offline interactions. Use your postcards to invite customers to check out your store online. Tantalise them with a gift or an event. Drive traffic and relationships.

For a postcard a campaign most companies like to send them monthly. Set a theme for each month and design around that, what is the message you want to get out there? Send them to your current customers to stay at the front of their mind. Take the time to consider what is going to work well for your business.

Start brain storming some ideas. Is there an upcoming event you would like to advertise or a special/sale? Think of a message you want to get out of consumers and then start to think design. The more you can refine your message and who you are targeting the better your results will be. Use postcard marketing as a link to your website or another platform. It’s all about building relationships with new customers and strengthening existing ones.

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