Turn Your Trash to Cold Hard Cash

The world will turn to one giant trash bin if we don’t help save it. Some people doesn’t care about the world they live in and just throw bits and pieces in the streets which eventually clogs the drainage systems and we will have flooding in any parts of the world. Well, I’m sure you’ve all seen that on the news recently.

So, how can you/we help?

Have you heard of the brilliant idea of selling your trash into cold hard cash?

Turn Your Trash to Cold Hard Cash

Now, not really trash as in waste materials but like old newspapers and clothes, plastic bottles, even old DVDs, CDs or Video Games. Yeah, stuff that might still be useful to collectors out there. There are many of them who collect items for personal purposes or they sell them too. So basically, they’re buyers and sellers.

How does this help save the environment?

For one, old newspapers and plastic bottles can be recycled. This way, we don’t have to cut down more trees just to make them into paper materials. As for the plastic bottles, they too can be re-used or made into bags, slippers and whatever else a smart business owner can think of, just so we don’t add up to damaging our soil thus destroying our natural eco-system.

Clothes can be re-used too especially if you sell them to thrift shops OR you can give it away as charity to Salvation Army, which in turn will send them to poor areas all over the world. Second hand clothes that are still in good condition will make you lots of money.

If you have a lot of cd collection that are just collecting dust and cobwebs in your store room, might as well sell them too. There are a plethora of online websites that buy and sell old DVDs, CDs or Video Games. Just search it in Google and you’ll be able to choose where to sell them. Just be sure they are legit or you will lose money.

If you are really keen on helping save our planet, you’ll be able to think of many other things to sell. It’s a win-win solution, you get rid of the “trash” and collect money for them plus you are helping the environment.

So, come on and let’s start cleaning every nook and cranny of our house and separate the real trash from the goldmine.

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